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About Us

From a very early age I struggled with facial hair. While I attended high school and college I was having to shave daily and sometimes twice a day leaving me with excruciating irritation. As I grew older I learned to wear a short stubby beard but again suffering from itching, irritation, and dry skin. This would only cause frustration and I would end up shaving everything and repeating the cycle. It wasn't until recently when I discovered beard oil, nectar of the the beard gods! I now wear my beard with pride and suffer no consequence. 
My only dilemma now was deciding which product to use and where to find it. I did my research and even considered making my own but why would I do that when there are so many amazing products already out there. So, I made it my personal mission to collaborate with our bearded brothers to bring only the best products under one roof. At our customers will be able to read about all these fine products and make an informed decision for all their beard grooming needs. 
Thanks for your support and BeardUp!